Sunset Hills 2013

Time again for the State of the Neighborhood.  Every year I run the numbers for Sunset Hills from our Multiple Listing Service so we can see how our neighborhood is faring […]

Thanks So Much!

Just a quick message to say thank you- take a look!

Official Christmas 2013 Super Song Playlist

  It’s time again for the annual Christmas Song list.  This year’s list is more eclectic than even last year’s.  I hope you can find something you like.  Just click […]

Ten Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Went to Walt Disney World

Everyone who has kids eventually gets caught in the web of sparkly shiny that is Disney.  Most little girls go through what I call the Princess Stage, and now that […]

My Ikea Kitchen

Ever since we bought our home we have hated the kitchen.  It was brown cabinets and forest green counter tops.  Yuck.  And the tile floor which we thought was so […]

Lessons in Phone Etiquette

(Editor’s Note:  This was originally a series of posts on Facebook, one lesson at a time, after each incident happened.  It has been edited together for your enjoyment and additional […]

How to Build a Tree House Phase 4- Framing the Sides

Ok so Phase One, Phase Two and Phase Three are all done.  Time to make this thing start looking like a house. So we gotta make 4 sides, 3 of […]

How to Build a Tree House Phase 3- the Deck

Now that we’ve finished Phase One and Phase Two we’re on to Phase 3.  One can’t just have a platform with nowhere to stand, am I right? First things first- […]

What I Do- for 1st Graders

I was invited to my daughter’s 1st grade class to talk about what I do for a living.  Since most of my job is intangible, I shot a little video […]

How to Build a Treehouse- Phase Two: The Base

Phase two is a continuation of Phase One because it is still part of the support but it’s a lot more advanced.  My limited knowledge of framing came in handy […]