You can apply for one of our homes here, but first please read the following:

Our application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and are as follows: $50 for a married couple applying together.  If applying separately you will have to pay separate application fees.  You will pay the application fee during the application process.  Remember, if you are planning on having a co-signer, you will still need to fill out an application so we can do the background check!  

Please remember that we may ask for additional information/documentation after we have received your application:

  • Verification of income- 2 most recent Bank statements (you can black out the account number), 2 most recent pay stubs, or something VERIFIABLE!
  • A copy of all applicant’s driver’s licenses (everyone who will be on the lease)
  • If you have pets, we need a photo of you with your animal, reference letters from previous landlord(s), that sort of thing.  

You can email these items to or if you must, fax them to 1-336-298-8289 (DON’T FORGET THE 1 or else your fax won’t go thru).  Keep in mind that photos may NOT fax properly and we will ask you to email them anyway.

If you do not have these items or don’t send them to us your application will be DENIED! So have them ready BEFORE you apply or you will WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Having read all that you can apply online and pay your application fee for one of our homes by clicking below:



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Office use only!  If you need to pay with Paypal or Credit Card use the button below. THIS IS NOT FOR APPLICATION FEES!